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HealthTechS3 is a 45 year old, award-winning healthcare consulting and strategic hospital services firm based in Brentwood, Tennessee with clients across the United States. We are dedicated to the goal of improving performance, achieving compliance, reducing costs and ultimately improving patient care. Leveraging consultants with deep healthcare industry experience, HealthTechS3 provides actionable insights and guidance that supports informed decision making and drives efficiency in operational performance.

Our consultants are former hospital leaders and executives. HealthTechS3 has the right mix of experienced professionals that services hospital clients across the nation. HealthTechS3 offers flexible and affordable services, consulting and technology as we focus on delivering solutions that can be implemented and provide a positive, measurable impact.


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Professional Resources

  • C4 September 2017

    Compliance with the ACA and IRS Code regarding Community Health Needs Assessments is not optional, and unfortunately a hospital recently realized that the IRS will change your non-profit status if you do not comply with the requirement to conduct a “community health needs assessment”…

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  • C4 July 2017

    Health care organizations must be able to respond to the power of consumerism in today’s changing environment. What exactly does that mean? There is evidence that as a result of diminishing reimbursements to providers, there is a need for physicians to see more patients…

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  • LTC August Newsletter

    Written By: Cheri Benander, RN, MSN, CHC, NHCE-C
    According to the dictionary, social functioning is the ability of the individual to interact in a normal or usual way in society and can be used as a measure of the quality of care.

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  • LTC July Newsletter

    Written By: Cheri Benander, RN, MSN, CHC, NHCE-C
    In today’s society and in the future, technology is an essential part of our lives and few can imagine living without it. With the help of technology, we have achieved a great deal.

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