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HealthTechS3 is a 45 year old, award-winning healthcare consulting and strategic hospital services firm based in Brentwood, Tennessee with clients across the United States. We are dedicated to the goal of improving performance, achieving compliance, reducing costs and ultimately improving patient care. Leveraging consultants with deep healthcare industry experience, HealthTechS3 provides actionable insights and guidance that supports informed decision making and drives efficiency in operational performance.

Our consultants are former hospital leaders and executives so we know exactly how to deliver solutions with positive, measurable impact.


Certificate Courses

  • Advance Care Planning Certificate Course --Self-Paced

    In 1990, the Patient Self-Determination Act was passed which provided patients with the right to make choices in their care regarding end of life medical decisions. Unfortunately, in healthcare, this law boiled down to a question on admit: “Do you have an advance directive or living will?”

  • Annual Wellness Visit Certificate Course-- Self-Paced

    In 2011, Medicare established a new benefit for Medicare Beneficiaries - The Annual Wellness Visit. The Annual Wellness Visit was implemented to focus on health promotion, disease detection, and fostering the coordination of the screening and preventive services for Medicare Beneficiaries.

Upcoming Webinars

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  • Swing Bed 101

    Host: Carolyn St.Charles, RN, BSN, MBA - Chief Regional Clinical Officer, HealthTechS3 Email: carolyn.stcharles@healthtechs3.com HealthTechS3 has provided numerous swing bed webinars over the last several years. For this webinar we’re going “back to basics.” View more

  • Trends Facing Rural Healthcare Boards

    Host: Michael Lieb – Regional Vice President & Director, Practice Management, HealthTechS3 Email: michael.lieb@healthtechs3.com We are in an era of dramatic change in rural healthcare; volumes are flat or declining; local populations are getting older; physicians are burning out; margins are thinning, and disruptive forces are changing the way people are accessing care (think Apple Watches, remote apps or telemedicine). View more

Trustee and Physician Conference