2015 Productivity Update for HealthTechS3 Client Hospitals only

March 6, 2015

10AM PST—11AM Arizona – 11AM MST—Noon CST—1PM EST

Description: We have updated the HealthTechS3 productivity manual for 2015 to reflect the changing healthcare environment, national benchmarks and your feedback. The 2015 updates are the most comprehensive in any single year since the inception of the productivity manual. During this year’s review, the AVP’s and Regional Chief Clinical Officer’s reviewed the target, the unit of measure and the department description for every department in the manual.

This year’s updates include the addition of twenty-one new departments, the renaming of eleven departments to better reflect the most common nomenclature, revision of the department description for six departments and revised targets for twenty-one department targets of which ten increased and eleven decreased.

The changes made in the manual have also been reflected in the updated “Productivity Tracker”. This webinar will discuss both the manual changes as well as “Productivity Tracker”.


  •  Kevin Stringer, Assistant Vice President, HealthTechS3
  •  John Freeman, Assistant Vice President, HealthTechS3
  •  Diane Bradley, Regional Chief Clinical Officer, HealthTechS3
  • Carolyn St.Charles, Regional Chief Clinical Officer, HealthTechS3

Who Should Attend:
All HealthTechS3 managed facility CEOs, CFOs and CNOs along with hospital personnel responsible for the hospital’s productivity reporting are strongly encouraged to attend this very important webinar. At a minimum, at least one person from each facility needs to attend in order to understand and implement these valuable 2015 updates.

Any HealthTechS3 managed hospital CEO who cannot schedule a representative to participate in this webinar should contact their HealthTechS3 Regional Vice President. A representative from non-managed hospitals who are currently utilizing the “Productivity Tracker” software and manual are also strongly encouraged to attend.

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