30-Day Hospital Turnaround/Margin Improvement – Strategies for Successful Operations

Presenters: Derek Morkel, CEO, Gaffey Healthcare and Neil E. Todhunter, President, HealthTechS3

Emails: derek.morkel@gaffeyhealth.com and neil.todhunter@healthtechs3.com

Date & Time: May 29, 2020 at 12pm CT 


Hospitals are constantly faced with challenges that require them to reassess how they deliver care to their communities.  Continuous improvement is necessary as expense inflation consistently outpaces reimbursement gains.  However, more fundamental issues threaten hospital fiscal viability such as payor mix deterioration, population or market share declines, and utilization changes. Amplify this environment with a difficult EMR installation and a “perfect storm” creates a fiscal crisis that necessitates a turnaround.

Objectives: The objective of the webinar will be to provide elements of investigation to achieve high performance and improved margins.  Highlights of the program will be problem recognition, cultural commitment, revenue to cost alignment,  staffing/productivity, supply chain, and revenue cycle, all factors in achieving solid financial operations.