8 Practical Approaches for Interim Leaders

Hosts: Mike Lieb


When a new Interim Leader joins a hospital in the throes of a transition, the staff, the board, and the community are – understandably – nervous. Change is scary. It is incumbent on the new Interim to quickly take command and, simultaneously, ease the concerns of the organization’s stakeholders. There is clearly work to do (or there wouldn’t likely have been the transition), but a professional leader is onboard to help ensure the hospital continues to move forward as smoothly as possible.

This webinar is designed to help the organization and its new interim leader smoothly manage the transition period and the intense scrutiny that comes with any change. Included are practical recommendations and tactics for the Interim to follow when assuming that transformational role.
Upon completion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • How to quickly integrate into the organization, and keep the momentum going without alienating the team in the hospital
  • Smoothly focus on what is important – what you can fix and how to prioritize the changes needed in the organization in a short time frame.