Dress for Success

A rule of thumb when preparing to interview is to dress a level or two above the dress code at the organization you are interviewing for. Being poorly dressed makes a bad first impression and can take you out of contention in the first few minutes of the interview. Many times you can’t overcome a bad first impression. Therefore, putting in the effort to be well dressed and groomed, with polished shoes and pressed clothes will be worth the investment. If employees wear business suits/business formal, it’s best to emulate the same style. If the organization’s dress code is business casual, then I recommend wearing a suit or dress. Most hospitals are conservative in dress, and the executives wear formal wear, while enjoying business casual on Friday. In either case, a dark dress or suit shows respect for the job and organization. Following this rule of thumb will help ensure they feel you will fit into the culture of the organization and that you are someone they would want to work with day in and day out.

Author: Peter Goodspeed, HealthTechS3, Vice President of Executive Search

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