Making a Great First Impression

You only have 30 seconds to make a great first impression when you interview for a new position, and 30 seconds can feel like a very long time if you’re not prepared. Some people are naturally nervous when meeting new people, especially during an interview. You never know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for until you sit down and talk with them.

But how do you make a great first impression?

    1. Dress for success

Whether it be professional dress or business casual, dress for success! I’ve never known of anyone who was hired for a senior level position by going to their interview in shorts and a T-Shirt.

    1. A good firm handshake

You can always tell a person by their handshake. A firm hand shake is said to be a sign of confidence and good leadership ability.

    1. Eye contact

Don’t be afraid to look someone straight in the eyes, especially when you are meeting them for the very first time. People tend to be more trusting when someone looks directly at them when speaking to them rather than looking down or even looking away from them.

    1. Remember their name

It’s been said that if you say someone’s name at least three times when you first meet them, you’ll likely never forget it. Remembering a name is very important, and it shows that you’ve paid attention to the person you are meeting with.

    1. Follow up

Always remember to follow up with a “thank you” note or an email. A kind word goes a long way!

It may take some practice in front of a mirror to say the right thing, look directly at an individual, or even know what to wear, but the benefit of getting that dream job is definitely worth taking the time to make a great first impression!

Author: George Smith, IT Recruiter

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