The Ever-Changing World of Technology

Todays’ technology is almost impossible to keep up with. If you buy the latest laptop today, within 6 months another model will be more advanced than yours! The tech world is ever changing and evolving.

One of the earliest commands was DOS, then the graphic user interface was created (GUI) for easier use, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making breakthroughs every day.

So how does one keep up with the changes? Here are a few ideas that might be helpful:

    1. Stay current with trends

Read online articles, reviews, and first-hand accounts of users with new technology to see what they like or dislike about new releases and launches.

    1. Go see a demonstration at an electronics store

There’s always something new in the tech world, and getting familiar with a new product can help you keep up with any subtle changes in software, hardware, or even the design of a computer.

    1. Word of mouth

We all know someone who has the “latest and greatest”, so get their thoughts, input, or any other advice they can give you.

    1. Keep computer updates current

Your iPad, smart phone, computer, or laptop will always let you know when an update is available. This can help you in knowing what changes or improvements have been made to your current equipment.

It’s virtually impossible to stay up to date on the changes in technology, but sometimes a few small steps can help you go a long way. Good luck!

Author: George Smith, IT Recruiter

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