Critical Access Hospitals – Just The Questions Please

Critical access hospitals – Just the questions please

Host: Carolyn St.Charles, RN, BSN, MBA, Regional Chief Clinical Officer
Date: July 6, 2018 at 12pm CST


The Conditions of Participation for Critical Access Hospitals will be our primary source to answer questions, as well as
other evidence-based research. Along the way we will give some tips on how to stay survey ready. Some of the
questions we will cover include:

• Is our LOS requirement 96 hours per year average or 96 hours per patient?
• What needs to be in the annual report?
• Do we have to review P&Ps every year? And does the governing board have to approve P&P?
• What are the regulations for restraints?
• Do we have to contract for external peer review?
• Do we have to follow the National Patient Safety Goals? And if so, what are they?
• Can a nurse access pharmacy if we don’t have 24-hour pharmacy coverage?
• Do we need competency for housekeeping since they aren’t clinical?

Upon completion of the webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Identify answers to at least two common questions about CAH CoPs.
2. Identify at least two (2) National Patient Safety Goals applicable to CAHs.


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