Diversity and Inclusion at the Hospital Senior Leadership Team Level

Date: November 15, 2019
Time: 12:00pm CST
Peter Goodspeed, MBA, VP of Executive Search, HealthTechS3

Summary and Objectives:

Due to the popularity of our April 24, 2019 webinar on Diversity (click here to access the presentation), Peter Goodspeed is excited to host this extended guide to establishing your commitment to  workplace diversity, focusing on the senior leadership level of your hospital, and exploring the benefits you can expect to see, system-wide, as a result.  

Continuing research is supporting what experienced managers already know – that diversity and inclusion are vital in all aspects, and benefit employees all levels, of the workplace.  This webinar will help you to establish and maintain a system-wide culture of inclusion, beginning with your hospital’s senior management team.

Upon completion of the webinar, you will understand:

      • Identifying what diversity looks like for your organization
      • Consistently recruiting for diversity and inclusion senior team leaders
      • Creating mentoring programs to foster an inclusion culture
      • Setting reasonable financial and performance goals to reflect a more diverse leadership environment

If you would like a specific question answered during this webinar, please email Peter.Goodspeed@HealthTechS3.com at least 1 week before the webinar is scheduled.