Health Promotion for Care Coordination Certificate Course

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What comes to mind when you think of health promotion?  Why is health promotion important in today’s complex healthcare environment?  How should care coordinators utilize the nursing process to improve health promotion for the Medicare patient?  These are some of the questions at the forefront of today’s healthcare landscape.

The United States spends more on health care than other high-income nations, but still has poorer outcomes for chronic disease and life expectancy. In response to rising healthcare costs, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiated a value-based strategy to pay clinics as well as reward, and hold, providers accountable for the quality of care they provide.  Therefore, providers are rewarded for the quality of care given to Medicare patients.  The triple aim of better care for individuals, better care for populations, and lower cost through improvements, are part of this CMS quality strategy. To support this strategy, a pro-active approach for coordinating health promotion in the Medicare patient should aim to identify those behaviors, factors, perceptions, and influences that impact health promoting behavior. 

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as a “…state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmary.”  Although the influences of health consist of such factors as behavior, social determinants, and age, health is what the individual believes it is. For many Medicare patients, health may be defined by their ability to play with their grandchildren or to take care of their home. The value placed upon what the patient perceives as important can impact their acceptance, and application, of health promoting behaviors. 

The improvement of health through care coordination involves a shared decision-making process between the care coordinator and the patient that enables the patient to make informed decisions by being active in their own care.  Identifying what the patient wants to change, what is needed to make the change, and the coordination of resources needed for the change, can lead to health promoting behaviors and improved health outcomes.

Excelling in health promotion can lead to effective care coordination. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that healthcare professionals have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver health promotion services to the growing number of Medicare beneficiaries – currently over 55 million with an additional 10,000 plus added each day.

The Health Promotion for Care Coordination Certificate Course can provide you with the skills needed for effective health-promoting care coordination. 

Course Dates:

October 05, 2020 – December 04, 2020

Course Delivery Format:

The course is divided into four (4) modules. Each module will run for two (2) weeks. The development of health promotion skills for the Care Coordinator occurs when knowledge and practice are combined. This Health Promotion for Care Coordination Certificate Course will put knowledge into practice as participants are immersed in this interactive course. The education will be delivered in a virtual environment using a combination of pre-recorded didactic presentations, asynchronous discussion threads, and a virtual meeting space for a live discussion at the end of each module.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1 – What is Health
    • Historical overview of health
    • Influential factors
    • Business of health
    • Health promotion

  • Module 2 – Guiding Care Through Health Promotion
    • Behavior as a component of health promotion
    • Social cognitive theory, expectancy value theory  
    • Health Promotion Model
    • Nursing process in health promotion

  • Module 3 – Communication and Health Promotion
    • Categories, processes, principles of communication
    • Communication skills and nursing
    • Cultural diversity and cultural competence
    • Health literacy

  • Module 4 – Promoting Health Through Care Coordination
    • Change and health promoting behavior
    • Application of the Health Promotion Model
    • Critical thinking and the nursing process
    • Chronic care management

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe health from the patient’s perspective
  2. Explain the influences and social determinants of health
  3. Describe the Triple Aim, Quadruple Aim, and Culture of Health Framework
  4. Explain value-based programs as part of the business of health
  5. Explain how health promotion differs from other interrelated concepts
  6. Examine behavior as a component of health promotion
  7. Analyze Pender’s Health Promotion Model
  8. Explain the nursing process in health promotion
  9. Describe how communication impacts health promotion
  10. Examine health literacy strategies to support communication
  11. Analyze the promotion of health through care coordination
  12. Explain why critical thinking is important in care coordination

Continuing Education Credit Calculations:

Meets Objectives DatesDelivery MethodTime ExpectationsNumber of Contact Hours
Module 1 Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 & 510/5/2020Recorded Lecture30 minutes0.5
Asynchronous Discussion & Clinical Practice3 hours1
10/16/2020 at noon Mountain TimeLive Interactive Discussion and Q&A50 minutes1
Module 2 Objectives 6, 7, & 8 10/16/2020Recorded Lecture30 minutes0.5
Asynchronous Discussion & Clinical Practice3 hours
10/30/2020 at noon Mountain TimeLive Interactive Discussion and Q&A50 minutes1
Module 3 Objectives 9 & 10 10/30/2020Recorded Lecture30 minutes0.5
Asynchronous Discussion & Clinical Practice3 hours1
11/13/2020 at noon Mountain TimeLive Interactive Discussion and Q&A50 minutes1
Module 4 objectives 11 & 12 11/13/2020Recorded Lecture30 minutes0.5
Asynchronous Discussion & Clinical Practice3 hours1
12/4/2020 at noon Mountain TimeLive Interactive Discussion and Q&A50 minutes1


Faith Jones, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Director of Care Coordination And Lean Consulting

Faith Jones began her healthcare career in the US Navy over 35 years ago. She has worked in a variety of roles in clinical practice, education, management, administration, consulting, and healthcare compliance. Her knowledge and experience spans various settings including ambulance, clinics, hospitals, home care, and long term care.  In her leadership roles she has been responsible for operational leadership for all clinical functions including multiple nursing specialties, pharmacy, laboratory, imaging, nutrition, therapies, as well as administrative functions related to quality management, case management, medical staff credentialing, staff education, and corporate compliance. She currently implements care coordination programs focusing on the Medicare population and teaches care coordination concepts nationally. She also holds a Green Belt in Healthcare and is a Certified Lean Instructor.

Dr. Heather Gilchrist

DNP, Med, MS, RN

Heather Gilchrist

Heather Gilchrist began her career as a registered nurse in the United States Navy and retired as a Navy Commander after 24 years of active service.  Prior to receiving her commission, she served in the Air Force as a medical technician.  She has worked in a variety of roles in clinical practice, administration, management, and education, and has held director-level positions in nursing, staff education, and customer service.  Her experience and knowledge span both outpatient and inpatient environments, to include clinical settings in health promotion, obstetrics, and global health.  In her leadership roles, she has been responsible for the operational leadership of nursing functions, clinical staff education and training, as well as administrative functions related to quality, inpatient electronic medical record implementation, policy development, and strategic planning.

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HealthTech Management Services D/B/A HealthTechS3 is a Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. Provider Number CEP8769 for 10 contact hours. Participant must complete all course work – no partial credit will be given. A certificate of completion will be provided by HealthTechS3 within 30 days of successful completion of the course.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations received in writing prior to the start of the course will be refunded, less $50.00 administrative expense. Registration fees may be transferred to another individual prior to the start of the educational offering.  Individuals who enroll in an online educational course and who open any module content will not be eligible for refunds.