How the Pandemic Changed the Rules on Executive Job Searches

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way people across the globe live and work. Now, as states begin to fully reopen and vaccination rates continue to climb, a growing awareness of how the pandemic dramatically altered how people job search is being felt across the healthcare industry. 

Jennifer LeMieux, COO at HealthTechS3, says this shift in how an executive is choosing to job search is being termed “The Great Resignation of 2021.” 

“People are leaving their jobs in search of more money, flexibility and time,” LeMieux says. “They want to feel they are valued in what they do. Being a healthcare executive and leader has arguably never been an easy position, but it was oftentimes crushing in the past two years and sometimes even life-threatening.”

Because of this growing sentiment and realignment of priorities among executives searching for new positions, the rules for finding and recruiting talent are undergoing a transformation. In addition to reshaping how companies recruit executives, COVID-19 has also fundamentally altered corporate recruiting strategies and the executive search process as a whole. 

Despite this shift, LaMieux believes that the need for strong business leaders has remained the same, but the desired skill set has evolved to include someone who can move innovation forward, engage employees outside of the building and more.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the search for executives who deeply believe in the mission of their organization and think beyond traditional means to help their hospitals and communities thrive.

“Consistent leadership remains key,” she says. “In simple terms, they show up every day to give their absolute best. That seems too basic but considering the pandemic we’ve survived, it isn’t. When we go beyond this measure and, taking a CEO as an example, you’re looking for a visionary and long-term strategic planner. Are they able to pull together resources—capital, staff, equipment—to handle other major emergencies or to prepare for growth?”

LaMieux also predicts that recruiters will continue to have a strong presence, because they are able to see and analyze the search equation from both sides. Specifically, recruiters understand what an organization believes it needs in a new hire and what candidates are available and interested in meeting those tasks head on. 

For those unsure of how to navigate the rapidly evolving job market, she offers a final piece of advice: “Know your value, your skills and what you want to do,” LaMieux says. “Get connected to people, and opportunities will arise.”

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