HTS3 Placement Experience

Placement Process:

HTS3 placed me on my first interim assignment as a Practice Manager only one month after I contacted them in the search for my first role in interim healthcare management. After an in-depth discussion about my experience, strengths and availability, they connected me with the CEO of a rural health system in Wyoming, who was looking for an interim leader. My contact at HTS3 made all the arrangements in setting up the interviews, all I had to do was provide my resume, cover letter and come prepared to ace it! The client chose me to join their team as an interim practice manager. I had many questions, all of which my HTS3 contact did an excellent job of answering, along with providing active support during the on-boarding process.

“One of my favorite parts of working for HTS3 has been their commitment to the health and happiness of their team.”

This commitment is more than just talk, it really shows in the compensation and expense reimbursement packages on offer, as well as the opportunity for a reasonably flexible work schedule.  This has allowed me to travel and spend time with my friends and family in a way that other employers have not. 


The reason I decided to give interim management a try was because I wanted to go to an organization who had an immediate need for a strong leader who could quickly assess the “quick win” opportunities, while providing a stabilizing effect over the designated areas of responsibility. Some of my accomplishments prior to working with HTS3 were:

      • Immediately provided a stabilizing effect for two clinics whose staff and providers just converted
        from working in an independent practice setting to hospital employees, and while providing management services to a newly formed independently owned practice.
      • Developed a provider productivity spreadsheet for tracking monthly, quarterly and annual productivity and for calculating provider bonuses and annual reconciliation.
      • Centralized nursing leadership across all three clinics by creating new position of Clinical Nurse Supervisor with the goal of improved clinical workflow, delivery of care, and the development of standardized clinical nursing practices and policy development.
      • Enhanced and developed the Chronic Care Management (CCM) service line by dedicating one full-time RN for CCM, implementing new software for managing the services, and expanding those services to a second clinic.
      • Transitioned wound care services from the clinic to the hospital for improved outcomes for the patient, cost savings to the clinic, and to boost revenues for the hospital.

“HTS3 provides the necessary support behind the scenes so you can focus on doing your best work at each assignment.”

Permanent Job Offer:

After successfully working as an interim for 4 months, I was approached by my CEO, who asked if I was interested in transitioning from interim practice manger to a full-time employee of the organization. I had grown attached to the facility and its staff and knew there was a lot more work to be done, so the decision was an easy one for me. This facility had great reputation in the community and surrounding region among the professionals with whom I worked with and reported to. HTS3 made the transition for me from interim practice manager to full time employee of the organization an easy one because of their relationship with the organization. Their support was especially generous, as they were losing a member of their interim workforce team.

The best advise that I can give to anyone considering interim work is to take each assignment with the goal to work as hard as if it were a permanent position, and with the goal of becoming an invaluable member of each team.  Being offered a permanent job is, of course, the highest compliment you can receive and goes a long way to building your reputation as a true professional.  HTS3 makes clear that they have the highest expectations of the people they place in their client organizations, and HTS3 provides the necessary support behind the scenes so you can focus on doing your best work at each assignment.