Impact of Brand & Culture on Executive Recruiting

Presenters: Peter Goodspeed, MBA – VP, Executive Recruiting and Jennifer LeMieux, Chief Operations Officer, HealthTechS3
Date and Time: June 14, 2019 at 12 pm CT


While certain business, marketing & communications, and technical skills are likely transferable between organizations, the cultural “training” of a candidate in a corporate environment can often be the leading cause behind a new employee being able to easily adopt the culture of a new organization. Further, finding a candidate who has experience working in a similar culture is often more important – and sometimes more difficult – than one with experience in the designated job field or industry.

In order to attract and recruit candidates that fit into your corporate, you must promote it. A website, position summary, and job description that clearly convey the organization’s brand is good start. In this webinar, we will discuss other approaches that will link brand and culture to hiring and retention.


  1. Share examples of strong employer branding and impact on hiring
  2. Identify at least 2-3 opportunities to better communicate organizational culture

 Relevant Quote:

“Hire character. Train skill.”- Peter Schutz, former CEO of Porsche