Improving the Customer Experience – Lessons from the Field

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 * 9AM Pacific—10AM Mountain—11AM Central—Noon Eastern
Description:  We all know customer satisfaction is important and we are all striving to improve – but how do we get there? This webinar will be a fast-paced look at three different perspectives for measuring and improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Improving Patient Experience with FoodCobre Valley Regional Medical Center has developed a comprehensive program to improve patient satisfaction with food – always difficult to do.  They have redesigned their meal service, developed scripting, implemented a spoken menu for OB patients and implemented a process to interview patients before they are discharged.The speakers will be Charlie Thomas, Director of Support Services and Kathy Harder, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center.
  2. Four Questions
    Many small facilities are working diligently to improve customer satisfaction.  This presentation will discuss four key questions:

    1. What is a statistically appropriate sample size?  Isn’t every person’s feedback important?
    2. Why do our patients say they are very satisfied when we talk to them in the hospital – and then when we get results of our satisfaction surveys they aren’t very good?
    3. Should we use paper or telephone?
    4. What are some best practices for improving customer satisfaction?

    The speaker will be Jeremy Klemm, Regional Director with HealthStream, Jeremy Klemm, is responsible for overseeing patient experience partnerships with healthcare organizations. Jeremy helps healthcare organizations identify areas of service opportunity, best practice service solutions, improvement resources, and tools to help with goal achievement.

  3. Innovation in Capturing Customer FeedbackAmong critical access rural hospitals, there is a growing recognition of the need to measure and report satisfaction with care. Unfortunately, standard satisfaction surveys, such as CAHPS surveys, are long, require repeated follow up before patients complete them, and focus on questions that may not capture rural patient’s concerns.  In this webinar, we report on an alternative approach that asks patients to comment on what worked well and what needed improvement. Patient comments are then analyzed using an artificial intelligence program that classifies them into complaints or praise. Time to complaint is then used to benchmark different units within the crucial access hospital. In this webinar, we will report on the experience of Humboldt General Hospital. The implementation at Humboldt uses comment cards and kiosks to collect patient’s reviews. Once the reviews are in the system, the analysis is available in real time and on demand when the manager wants to see the data.  The reports include both verbatim comments and benchmarked score cards. The webinar will report on how the mere collection and reporting of patient comments led to reduction in rate of complaints within Humboldt critical access hospital.The speaker is Dr. Farrokh Alemi is the lead scientist in His research focuses on use of “Big Data” in improving patient experiences. He has worked as Chief of Performance Improvement in major healthcare organizations. He has been a professor of healthcare administration at Georgetown University, George Mason University and University of South Florida. He has published more than 75 peer reviewed articles, 3 books, and has presented at national and international improvement conferences. He has provided testimony as an expert witness to Congress of United States. is a service of Rapid Improvement Inc.


Improving the Customer Experience