Information Technology:  Meaningful Use – Audits, Opportunities and Road maps

October 15, 2014

Speakers: Mike Orr, Senior Managing Consultant BKD, LLP | Travis Skinner, Managing Consultant, BKD, LLP

Description: This presentation will cover the different types of EHR audits. The presentation will also discuss the nature and scope of the different EHR audits. Best Practices, common pitfalls as well as mitigation strategies.
This topic focuses on an area that is receiving a high degree of scrutiny from regulatory authorities and MACs. A good deal of press has been focused on the significant paybacks resulting from the Meaningful Use Compliance Audits and their “all or nothing” results. Failure on one minor measure could result in recoupment of both Medicare and Medicaid funding for the program year under audit as well as trigger audits for other program years.
The program will be discussing audit preparedness as well as focusing on a few key areas that appear to be common problems at many facilities. The mechanics of handling a failed audit and submission of a final appeal to CMS will be addressed. The program will touch on the “road map” concept to help hospitals develop a strategy to manage the process and their program compliance. Finally, the program will look at proactive steps that Hospitals can take to help prepare for audits.

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