January 28, 2016 – Community Health Needs Assessment – Time for Round 2

Date: Thursday – January 28, 2016
Presenter: Carolyn St.Charles, RN, BSN, MBA, Regional Chief Clinical Officer

The Affordable Care Act added 501(r) to the Internal Revenue Code. This provided that hospital organizations will not be treated as tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) unless they meet certain requirements. The IRS takes the position that §501(r) applies to all hospitals exempt under §501(c)(3), whether or not they may be owned by government or political subdivisions.

The final rules issued December 2014 are consistent with earlier guidance issued by the IRS in April of 2013. However, they include additional clarifications that will impact the requirements and documentation involved.

We will provide an overview of the HealthTechS3 approach to Community Health Needs Assessments including: 1) IRS Requirements; 2) How to build on your prior CHNA; 3) Innovative methods for soliciting community input; 4) How to make the CHNA work for you; 4) Documentation requirements.

Carolyn St. Charles began her healthcare career as a staff nurse in Intensive Care. She has worked in a variety of staff, administrative and consulting roles and has been in her current position as Regional Chief Clinical Officer with HealthTechS3 for the last fifteen years.

In her role as Regional Chief Clinical Officer, Carolyn St.Charles is the lead consultant for development of Community Health Needs Assessments and conducts mock surveys for Critical Access Hospitals, Acute Care Hospitals, Long Term Care, Rural Health Clinics, Home Health and Hospice. Carolyn also provides assistance in developing strategies for continuous survey readiness and developing plans of correction.

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