Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center

The Mission of our hospital is to develop and maintain a local health care delivery system that serves the region with quality, efficiency and compassion. Our Mission is your HEALTH.


Neal_Jensen_CEO_CVRMC_Feb_2012_set2_001_cr_Web2We believe the people who live in the region of Globe-Miami deserve to be among the healthiest people anywhere. In accordance with our mission, we shall contribute to this goal including the promotion of wellness and encouraging preventative practices.

We believe the employees of CVRMC are our greatest asset and should work in a rewarding, safe and fair atmosphere in order to provide quality, compassionate healthcare. Employees are encouraged to seek more training for professional growth and development.

We believe our physicians and allied health professionals should be proud of their high quality workplace. CVRMC welcomes their leadership in hospital affairs and offers opportunities for continued learning and expansion of medical services.

We believe the governing board must be integrally involved, well-informed, and committed to make the hard choices required in order to sustain and grow the organization, thus, permitting it to fulfill its mission.