March 18, 2016 – Office of Inspector General 2016 Work Plan Overview

Date: Friday – March 18, 2016
12:00PM CST
Presenter: Cheri Benander, RN, MSN, CHC, NHCE-C

What better way to stay on top of your compliance program than to audit those things that are in the crosshairs of the OIG!

Included in the Affordable Care Act sections 6102 and 6104 are the requirements for implementing Compliance Programs. The law describes various elements of a program including the need to have an auditing and monitoring process in place.

The Work Plan is a summary of the reviews that the OIG plans to perform in fiscal year 2016. By using their plan as one of your resources to develop your own auditing plans, you ensure that you are focusing on current problem areas and trends.

Please join us for a one hour webinar as we provide an overview of the OIG and their 2016 Work Plan including: 1) A description of the OIG including their responsibilities and accomplishments; 2) Explain what the Work Plan is and how it is developed and formatted. 3) Discuss the OIG Focus Areas and New Projects; 4) illustrate how the elements of the Work Plan can be incorporated into your own auditing/monitoring plan.

Cheri Benander has worked in Health Care for over 30 years. Her experience includes a variety of staff and administrative roles in acute care, home health, hospice, assisted living and long term care. Her background includes the role of Compliance Officer and Information Security Officer. In her current role, Cheri is the Director of Compliance Consulting Services with HealthTechS3.

In her role as Director of Compliance Consulting Services, she performs compliance program effectiveness assessments, provides organizations compliance program support, develops and presents compliance educational presentations to staff and governing board members. Cheri also performs LTC mock surveys and assists in developing strategies for continuous survey readiness and developing plans of correction.

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