March 21, 2016 – What You Need to Know About Swing Beds

Date: Tuesday – March 21, 2016
12:00PM CST
Presenter: Carolyn St.Charles, RN, BSN, MBA, Regional Chief Clinical Officer

Medicare will cover swing bed services in a Critical Access Hospitals allowing the CAH to “swing” its beds and provide either acute hospital or SNF-level care, as needed.

Navigating the regulatory requirements for swing bed including admission, continued stay and discharge criteria can be challenging. Our 90 minute webinar will focus on common questions such as:

1. Which patients are eligible for swing bed care? What criteria do they need to meet?
2. How long can a patient stay in a swing bed? Are there length of stay requirements?
3. What are the documentation requirements? What disciplines are required to document?
4. Who develops the plan of care? How is it different from the acute care plan of care?
5. What documents have to be provided to the swing bed patient at admission and at discharge?
6. What policies and procedures are required?
7. How do I make my swing bed program financially viable?

We will also highlight elements specific to skilled restorative care, evidenced based research criteria for skilled restorative care, and share recent research related to skilled restorative care.

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