Optimum Productivity Enhancer

HealthTechS3 provides full service software and on-site consulting to improve staffing efficiency. Utilizing a multi-faceted approach to meet the unique staffing needs of hospitals of any size – we have been achieving superior results for clients for over 40 years.

We have developed a collaborative approach to understand your specific staffing needs. We identify opportunities for improvement by assessing your work processes, staff mix, minimum staffing levels and industry standards. Based on the analysis, we work with you to develop and implement realistic targets and a method for tracking and reporting productivity on a bi-weekly basis. We also provide education on productivity management for staff and managers.


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Optimize Productivity Performance.

HealthTechS3 provides your managers, supervisors, and C-suite the confirmation they need to accurately calculate workload staffing and appropriately adjust staffing on a timely basis.

The Complete Solution.

The Optimum Productivity Enhancer program provides you with the tools and support services necessary to ensure your success in addressing today’s productivity challenges. For over 40 years, our experienced Consulting Staff have been assisting hospitals in developing sustainable financial improvement solutions.


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Features Include:

1) Productivity Manual with operational definitions, targets and benchmarks

2) Web-based productivity tracking software with summary reports as well as reports by department

3) Consulting and Educational Support

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