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Technology1. Chronic Care Managementrequest-demo
2. Optimum Productivity Toolkit

HealthTechS3 provides full service software and on-site consulting using our Optimum Productivity Enhancer to improve staffing efficiency. We have developed a collaborative approach to understand your specific staffing needs. We identify opportunities for improvement by assessing your work processes, staff mix, minimum staffing levels and industry standards. Based on the analysis, we work with you to develop and implement realistic targets and a method for tracking and reporting productivity on a bi-weekly basis.request-demo

3. Revenue Cycle Optimization

A service developed to help rural and community hospitals and clinics, HealthTechS3 can help you identify opportunities for improvement as well as provide resources for resolution so that your cash flow is consistent and strong.
HealthTechS3 offers hospitals the following services:

• On-site assessment of revenue cycle and business office operations
• Revenue cycle improvement plan to increase cash flow and improve department efficiency
• Accounts receivable analysis to improve collections processes
• Interim management and staffing assistance (business office manager/director, biller, collector)

Accounts Receivable Software

Through HealthTechS3’s affiliated company, GAFFEY Healthcare, hospitals gain access to breakthrough, web-based revenue cycle software as well as collections services.

SaaS-based Software Solutions:

• GAFFEY AlphaCollector – Collections management and reporting software application
• GAFFEY AutoStatus – Automated claims statusing

Accounts Receivable Collection Services

• Retroactive Medicaid Search Service – Review of all self-pay patient accounts to determine opportunities for retroactive Medicaid reimbursements.
• AR Collections Services – short-term or long-term collections projects.