Question And Answer Session On Executive Placement (No Recording available)


Host: Peter Goodspeed, HealthTechS3, Vice President of Executive Search
Date: September 28, 2018 at 12pm CST

I receive many questions from leaders about executive recruitment. Some common questions that they often ask me include:

• What is the best way to stay on a recruiter’s radar as an active candidate but without overdoing it? Without being a pest?
• If I see a position on a hospital web site or a job board, can you chase it down for me? Won’t you get a fee if you place me?
• I hear that most of the really good positions are never posted or are never available to the public. Only a few people know about them?
• Should I just work with you or work with several recruiters? Once we start working on a search, do you want to know where I am in my other searches? What if I get an offer? Should I tell you?
• If I hear about a position, can I call you and see if you know anything about the position?
• Why does it take so long for a hospital board to hire a CEO?
• I am a CFO, what job sites should I check besides HFMA?
• How can I be sure my references are speaking positively about me?
• Can a recruiter ask me what my salary is now?