HealthTechS3 offers its client hospitals the opportunity to realize extensive cost savings on supplies, purchased services and capital equipment through its GPO partner, Vizient. Alignment with Vizient provides access to contracts in cath lab, radiology, medical, non-medical, pharmacy, surgical supplies as well as capital equipment and IT supplies. Monthly reports provide detailed information to the hospital to identify areas for contract optimization and savings. Quarterly compliance reports provide feedback to administration comparing other similar hospitals. Drug expenses make up a large percentage of the overall supply chain costs. To help optimize the manufacturers’ contracts, savings opportunities are reported identifying specific drug substitutions and available generics.

GPO Utilization & Management

Through your group purchasing organization (GPO), HealthTechS3 can help your hospital access negotiated pricing for the purchase of clinically effective products and technology at the best price possible. Our team can provide customer service support to assist with vendor selection, pricing and conversion to optimize savings for your hospital.


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