Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about creating and maintaining competitive advantage. It is the process of making difficult choices among competing priorities and focusing the organization’s human and capital resources on those areas with the greatest long-term benefit.



With the constant changes and dynamic atmosphere of healthcare, it is essential to tap into the talents and expertise available at all levels of an organization. Executives must create and communicate a vision, managers must mentor and coach staff, staff must be empowered to solve problems and make improvements in real time.

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Affiliation Consulting

When considering an affiliation with a larger hospital or provider, HealthTechS3 provides consulting services to help your organization plan and implement a strategic process to identify potential partners who meet your goals and objectives.



HealthTechS3 has experience in facilitating Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). Our consultants work with you and your community to help develop a CHNA that is focused on improving health in your community.

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