The First 90 Days of A Healthcare Executive

Presenters: Michael Lieb, Vice President of Interim Services, HealthTechS3 and Robert Thorn, Principal, Summit Healthcare Strategies, LLC
Date and Time: June 6, 2019 at 12 pm CT


The first 90 days of a healthcare leader’s service sets the tone for their leadership style, including board engagement, department goals, and staff communications to say the least. A fine balance is required between responding to pressing operational issues and creating and refining long-term strategies. Those initial 90 days can be different for the organization depending on whether the new executive is permanent or an interim.  The strategies and tactical approaches of a new organizational leader (interim vs permanent) is the focus of this webinar.

We will address the pressures on today’s C-suite and how an executive new to an organization can set the tone early for strong performance, and how those approaches and the goals differ between the two types of leaders.


  1. Understand the most often required skill, experience and cultural expectations for senior leadership roles and how those are different for an interim and a permanent leader.
  2. Learn how the organization perceives that difference in roles, how it responds to each, and what the executive must do to drive the organization forward.

Interesting fact:

According to a 2018 survey provided by an international talent management firm, integrity is cited as the second highest leadership attribute, included in more than 30% of leadership evaluations.