The Hospital’s Role in Getting the Right Interim Leader – What Does it Need to Know?

Speaker: Mike Lieb, FACHE – Vice President
Date & Time: September 25, 2020 at 12pm CT


When a hospital determines that it needs interim leadership, what does it need to know about the selection process, who chooses the interim, and how does it ensure a good fit?  How does the hospital define the right fit?  And, what is involved with the care and feeding of a good interim leader?  It is important that the hospital itself is a strong partner in the ongoing process from initial selection through the ultimate future departure of the interim leader.   The boards and other senior leaders have a role in ensuring that the interim is successful in the position he or she was engaged to do.  It is far more than “plug and play.”  In this webinar, we will discuss what the hospital needs to do to ensure the correct match for its specific needs, what it needs to do before arrival, and throughout the term of the engagement. 



Upon completion of the webinar, the hospital/organization will understand:

  1. The process for ensuring the right interim leader is identified, brought onboard and set up to succeed
  2. What must be done by the board/administration prior to the interim’s arrival – from the mundane (where to stay), to clear delineation of the strategic objectives of the engagement
  3. How to plan for the ultimate transition to the permanent hire


Fun Fact:

A “right fit” interim is quite often asked to stay permanently.  They rarely do, though (<5%), as most have come to enjoy the flexibility of interim work