The Impact of the Pandemic on Hospitals’ Senior Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Host: Peter Goodspeed, VP Executive Search, HealthTechS3
Presenter:  Kevin Hardy, Director Executive & Interim Recruiting, HealthTechS3
Date & Time: March 26, 2021 at 12pm CT


How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the roles and responsibilities of senior hospital executives in the United States? Have existing roles changed? Have new positions emerged and, if so, what are those roles and titles? Has the pandemic permanently changed certain leadership positions? Has it permanently changed the way a hospital’s leadership team manages and directs?

Join us to discuss the fundamental shift(s) felt in nearly every position of your healthcare organization, from senior leadership to line staff, and how it impacts recruiting, hiring and training.


Upon completion of the webinar, the participant will understand that:

  1. Many job descriptions have expanded to include responsibilities specific to the pandemic
  2. Candidates are telling us how their organizations have responded during this crisis, that many are uncomfortable with what they’ve witnessed, and what they feel are the key areas needing improvement