The Role of a Rural Hospital’s Board in a Time of Crisis: How the Hospital Board and CEO Ensure an Organization’s Success During COVID-19

Speaker: Peter Goodspeed, Vice President of Executive Search
Date & Time: September 4, 2020 at 12pm CT


Deloitte’s Global Center for Corporate Governance wrote an excellent article in March 2020 titled Stepping In: The Board’s Role in the COVID-19 Crisis. If you have not read it, you should. We will discuss its findings and what a critical access hospital can learn from Deloitte’s research and recommendations.


Upon completion of the webinar, the participant will understand:

  1. What is the new normal for a rural hospital and its board during and after COVID-19
  2. To be successful and/or even survive, what does this mean for the hospital board and CEO and how they together lead the organization

What is the new role and responsibilities of the board chair in order to support the CEO and be a “critical friend” to the CEO in a time of crisis