Virtual Leadership and Communication Tactics in the Post COVID-19 World

Presenter: Peter Goodspeed – VP of Executive Search, HealthTechS3
Date & Time: September 27, 2021 at 12pm CT


This webinar will discuss key leadership and management issues in the turbulent, post COVID-19 virtual workplace and especially how to improve leadership skills. A few areas to be addressed will include but not be limited to structure and distribution of decision making, daily scheduling and work/life balance, meeting preparation and execution, team development and engagement.

As an example, we’ve seen notable changes in the area of decision making. As senior leadership was called more deeply into areas such as supply chain, resource planning, and staff productivity it meant they had to widen their circle of decision makers and empower others not previously in such a role. We’ll address how this has created positive momentum and challenges along the way.


Upon completion of the webinar, the participant will understand:

  1. A few concrete steps to take in your organization to maintain high quality and effective leadership in a virtual workplace
  2. How to recreate the “in the hall” social/informal interactions that are so important in a traditional work environment
  3. How to connect with people in a virtual world where you cannot read body language, informal cues, etc.