What’s Wrong with This Picture? Identifying Safety Risks in Your Hospital

Host: Carolyn St.Charles, RN, BSN, MBA – Chief Clinical Officer, HealthTechS3
Presenter:  Ernie Allen, ARM, CSP, CPHRM, CHFM
Email: carolyn.stcharles@healthtechs3.com
Date & Time: March 12, 2021 at 12pm CT


Learn to identify safety issues from a former Joint Commission Life Safety Surveyor through pictures from surveys performed over the last 30 years. These pictures are from small and large medical facilities around the country and demonstrate the need to continually improve your hospital’s safety. NFPA code references will be provided for many of the pictures, along with OSHA and Joint Commission Standards.

Those examples will help you to increase your own hospital’s self-surveyed productivity by increasing your knowledge and helping to identify risks that could affect patients, staff, and visitors. The closing part of this webinar will identify some successful policies and methods some hospitals have already implemented to help with compliance.


Upon completion of the webinar, the participant will:

  1. Identify the safety risks in various photos from previous hospital surveys to help in implementing anyrecommendations before their hospital’s next accreditation survey
  2. Learn the applicable references for compliance, such as OSHA, NFPA, and Joint Commission, related to the deficiencies shown in the photos
  3. Be prepared to implement positive practices learned in the final section of the presentation in their ownhospitals, in order to improve safety compliance